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Medical Billing and Insurance Billing in Lynnwood, Washington

Based in Lynnwood, Washington, Medical Financial Specialists offers a complete medical billing service including insurance billing. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum financial performance in the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace. We have certified coders on staff who charge a percentage of what is collected, and if you don't get paid, then neither do we. There are no hidden fees and no additional charges for postage, phone bills, staffing, or computer software.
Hiring a billing service eliminates the issue of having to hire staff, train staff, or even cover for vacation and sick time. We can handle billing even if you're not close to our loction by using a courier service or web-based transfer at no extra charge to you.
Special Offer - Medical Billing, Insurance Billing in Lynnwood, WA

List of Services:

  • Billing
  • Reports
  • Filing
  • Appeals
  • Follow up Unpaid Claims
  • Submit Monthly Patients Claims
  • We Provide Standard and Customized

Experienced and Knowledgeable

By utilizing our expertise in computer technology, we have developed a unique approach that helps you manage your practices more efficiently with higher financial return. With more than 20 years of experience, our commitment to innovation ensures that the quality of our services matches your potential profitability.
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Complete Packages

We offer you a complete medical management package involving coding, billing, transaction, and consulting services provided by professional practitioners. You will find discover that we can increase the volume and quality care by handling the details of your medical insurance maze.
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