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The History of Medical Financial Specialists​ in Lynnwood, WA

Consulting - Medical Consulting Company in Lynnwood, WA
Medical Financial Specialists began in 1993 as a medical consulting company. Hospitals and clinic that had a large outstanding A/R would request our services. We would go to the billing site, review the current policies and procedures and modify where needed. We would perform in-depth reimbursement review for down coding, CPT-4 and ICD-10 review to insure they were billing to the highest level allowed, collections of delinquent accounts and then retrain the current staff to work in a more productive and effective manner.

In April 1994, we began offering our clients a complete medical billing management package. We now offer coding, billing, and consulting services to professional medical groups and all other health care practitioners.
Our goal is to help our clients achieve improved financial performance and an important competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving health care market place without compromising patient care.

By using our expertise in computer technology we develop progressive approaches to help our clients manage their practice more efficiently and effectively. MFS's commitment to innovation enhances the quality of our services which brings a unique value to what we offer our clients.
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